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Our Vision – An Artistic Renaissance

If you could imagine an ideal transformation in today’s pharmaceutical naming framework, what would you dream up?.. Read More

Author: arlene.teck     01/10/2011

Our Inspiration – A Compelling Revelation

Though the connection may seem remote at first glance, “Spotting Patterns on the Fly” an article published in the Harvard Business Review… Read More

Author: denis.ezingeard     12/06/2010

Our Inspiration – The Darwinian Connection

What happens when an adventurous engineer encounters the naturalist Darwin? Over the years I was irresistibly drawn to explore… Read More

Author: denis.ezingeard     10/29/2009

Our Origin – Founding Education

What have DNA and Darwin got to do with naming? And how is it that some brand names survive and thrive in the pharmaceutical… Read More

Author: denis.ezingeard     10/29/2009