Intelligence & Ideation

At ixxéo, intelligence & ideation blend a comprehensive set of medical and marketing insights together with disruptive, unlikely idea seeds to build a fresh and original foundation for your naming and brand building concepts.

Intelligence At this first logical and crucial step we rely on complementary desk and field intelligence streams.

Desk intelligence: We benchmark the best-selling and recently launched competitive brands, map your brand portfolio lifecycle, and survey your latest marketing, positioning and branding blueprints.

Field intelligence: Target audience focus groups or qualitative surveys are designed around science, marketing, competition, brands and naming, to challenge and enrich the key desk findings in meaningful dimensions such as lived condition, gold treatment, unmet needs, and brand perceptions.

These interactions with professionals and patients yield unbiased, market-driven perspectives — to generate distinctive marketing and branding ideas, and inspire untapped directions in name creation.

Ideation The combined findings of desk and field intelligence are then consolidated to guide a concept workshop for the client project team. Workshop outcomes around positioning, brand building, and naming specifications provide a framework for ixxéo's breakaway ideation.

But what makes ideation breakaway?

Breakaway ideation means first, clearing out old ideas and worn pathways to create a 'blank canvas' in the mind. Then, reaching out to the far side of the obvious... inventing all sorts of unlikely connections, analogies, themes, images and metaphors. A full, free 'lateral thinking' jump across space to discover never-before-seen territories — from the sciences and engineering to art and music, from languages and cultures to landscapes and other living species.

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