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Branding blogs primarily seek impact, discussing the news and the buzz...not so at ixxéo.

We consider naming as both science and art. This is why ixxéo has created the Naming Lab.

Our mission is to explore the branding universe from the center to its very edge and beyond...

Taking a fresh look at critical naming-centric issues ... How can abstract names be appealing? What makes brands resonate universally? Are there tangible trends in name approvals? What will become the new regulatory standard procedure?

Looking to discover never-before seen connections... from nature and evolution to life sciences and engineering, from secret languages and cultures to abstract art and jazz music, from the exogenous and endogenous environmental forces to analytics and trends, from bird watching to sound and traits interpretation.

To begin...
What have Darwin, Clifford Possum, Miles Davis, Kandinsky & Korowai got to do with naming?

Ready, fire, aim! The Naming Lab.

Abstract Names – Sounds Trigger Associations

In an early experiment about sound symbolism and perceived associations, viewers were asked to compare drawings with invented names… Read More

Author: arlene.teck     12/23/2014

Our Vision – An Artistic Renaissance

If you could imagine an ideal transformation in today’s pharmaceutical naming framework, what would you dream up?.. Read More

Author: arlene.teck     01/10/2011

Our Inspiration – A Compelling Revelation

Though the connection may seem remote at first glance, “Spotting Patterns on the Fly” an article published in the Harvard Business Review… Read More

Author: denis.ezingeard     12/06/2010

Naming Playground – Predictable Decadence!

In the mid-80’s, the golden era of pharmaceutical naming was exciting! There was much room for creative freedom, so namers had the… Read More

Author: denis.ezingeard     11/16/2010

Abstract Painting – An Intuitive Analogy

In today’s swirling media world… we are almost daily confronted with new brands, some of them abstract – totally new with no apparent… Read More

Author: denis.ezingeard     10/18/2010

Name Continuum – Meaningful to Abstract

When you first discover an abstract name at the beginning of its life in the marketplace, how many times do you hear a little voice inside… Read More

Author: arlene.teck     10/13/2010

Abstract Painting – A First Encounter

Although this image by Jackson Pollock evokes nothing that exists in the real world, there is still much that can be said about it, as a piece of… Read More

Author: arlene.teck     10/06/2010

Our Inspiration – The Darwinian Connection

What happens when an adventurous engineer encounters the naturalist Darwin? Over the years I was irresistibly drawn to explore… Read More

Author: denis.ezingeard     10/29/2009

Our Origin – Founding Education

What have DNA and Darwin got to do with naming? And how is it that some brand names survive and thrive in the pharmaceutical… Read More

Author: denis.ezingeard     10/29/2009