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Our breakthrough model is the first-of-its-kind to merge creation, engineering and crafting in a synergistic tech-and-touch approach. Its objective is to optimize both name pool viability and individual brand appeal.

Unlike traditional name development that relies primarily on 'creativity' as a stand-alone activity, at ixxéo we combine integrated Name Engineering software together with an artistic touch to transform ordinary names into powerful global brands.

We use this dual approach to develop a number of healthcare verbal branding identities, including:

  • Product brand names
  • Delivery system names
  • Corporate names
  • Umbrella brands
  • Taglines

Name Creation — the emergence of original name forms. In branding, there has been an easy-to-promote idea that creativity alone — producing names that communicate specified brand messages — is a sure-fire recipe for success. But for many years, this approach has proven insufficient in the healthcare arena.

Nowadays, we see that most brand ideas and marketing messages have been used and overused. Legal availability has become more elusive and regulatory approval, more restrictive. These combined challenges of global scope demand a more strategic, holistic and less-semantic-driven name creation process.

At ixxéo, our name creation is original by nature, non-semantic by design and artistic by touch.

Throughout the process, we orchestrate a multicultural team of creative professionals, who circumvent overused ideas with a rich, complementary palette of distinctive languages, an atypical repertoire of naming styles, and the drive to explore unconventional, crossover analogies.

Our expert namers first configure original names with built-in viability and perceptual impact. In this phase, they instill and interblend 'visual and melodic hooks' to trigger universal brand appeal. These hooks are decoded from branding trends... built on catchy, cross-linguistic letter patterns.

Name Engineering — the science of innovative naming. Our unique Name Engineering model is the quintessential integration of the key naming processes.

From the very beginning and throughout the entire development path, we fully synchronize name creation with the complementary essentials — legal, regulatory, and linguistic scrutiny — that will directly impact viability and appeal at later stages of the process. All the while, subjecting our names to iterative transformation loops — to qualify, multiply and modify the candidates that are best fit, and eliminate those that are not.

Then, we systematically classify the names into a wide spectrum of name families, built around phono-morphological similarities, to leverage their viability and impact.

Name Crafting — the art of universal names. And finally, our name crafters take promising engineered names into our atelier for an ultimate touch to explore tuning opportunities via 'visual and vocal naming genes' — maybe changing just one letter — to enhance appeal and transform ordinary names into powerful universal brands.

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