The Science of Naming

What do evolutionary principles have to do with the science of naming?

There are ingenious mechanisms that enable colonies of bird species to evolve and endure — much like the Darwin's finches that progressively adapted to ever more stringent conditions in the Galapagos Islands. Similar mechanisms drive Name Engineering, our innovative and adaptive approach to pharmaceutical naming.


The evolutionary principles of genetic variation, adaptive radiation, natural selection, and speciation have inspired our divergent direction. These principles provide a natural framework and powerful drivers for our naming model and processes.


Ixxéo's Name Engineering model holistically synchronizes name creation with legal, regulatory and linguistic scrutiny in a progressive and continuous transformation system that qualifies, multiplies and modifies name candidates.

Our sophisticated Name Engineering model brings science to the process of naming, to outfit names with optimum potential for viability in the global marketplace.

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Pharmaceutical Branding - Science of Naming