Linguistic Evaluation

Ixxéo's cultural and marketing-oriented resident experts conduct linguistic and cultural name reviews in more than 50 countries. They provide enhanced analyses of name profiles and potentials, linking them with local healthcare, cultural, media and communication environments.

We investigate only the linguistic and cultural criteria relevant for decision-making to detect and capture the nuances embedded in each name. Our added value is the way our multicultural project leader reviews, challenges, interprets and cross-validates the myriad of insights and patterns compiled for each name — and from each expert linguist.

Linguistic and cultural evaluations can be subjective and localized, an apparent paradox when qualifying a global brand. The key is our ability to separate 'loose' initial impressions that are local, faddish and short lived, from 'supported' brand building potentials — human-centric connections that are global and enduring.

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Linguistic Evaluation - Healthcare Brands