Visual Identity

The purpose of visual brand identity is to leverage the power and potential of your verbal brand name, to enhance its impact and extend its reach into the hearts and minds of your target audiences.

At ixxéo we develop logo and package designs. We see a logo as the visual amplifier of a brand, its very signature. In synergy with the name, it communicates your brand's essence and promise.
We consider package design to be a product-brand connector. It integrates the artistic and intrinsic facets of your brand, tying them to your corporate identity in a harmonious visible orchestration.

What makes our visual brand solutions open doors?

Our approaches to visual and verbal brand development are similar. They are both built on crossover inspirations, early-stage process integration and artistic interactions.

Inspiration Our experienced head designer spearheads the inspiration, supported by a vast, living visual brand identity genome. Our design team explores best-practice benchmarking and comparable brand strategy analogies to build a holistic frame of referents for your project.

Integration We integrate our design resources and efforts from the beginning and throughout the development process. At early-stage, we immerse our designers together with our verbal naming team to gain a feel for the essence and promise of your brand. At late-stage, our designers put their findings and feelings together to craft a palette of design alternatives.

Interaction We implement our visual brand identity development with a highly interactive process that combines your preferences with our experience and creativity. In addition to being talented, our designers work heart-to-heart with you to guide you through cascading stylistic directions, visual benchmarks, robust mood and storyboards that inspire and engage.

At ixxéo we bring it all together to ensure, seductive and synergistic development of your verbal and visual brand identities.

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