Market Research

Our market research functions as a comprehensive, accelerated simulation of the brand environment. After uncovering and eliminating hidden brand liabilities, we assess and optimize the balance between name viability and brand appeal.

In 50-plus countries worldwide, we design and conduct a full range of essential qualitative and quantitative healthcare surveys — online, telephone, face-to-face — performed 100% in each local language, including:

  • Name safety research: FDA, EMA, Health Canada, MHLW
  • Brand research with healthcare professionals
  • Brand research with consumers
  • On-location focus groups

So, what makes our market research so effective?

For excellence in market research, we must go beyond the prerequisite research infrastructure and panels, questionnaires and tabulations. We must also provide a holistic, forward-looking basis for decision-making about your future brands.

At ixxéo, our market research is distinguished by experienced, multi-lingual teams, the breadth and depth of field scrutiny, the rigor of data processing and validation, and the impact of our 'big-picture', easy-to-grasp management summary. In addition, our interdisciplinary project leader ensures full consistency and balance across languages, audience groups and research criteria.

Where and how do we detect hidden brand potentials?

Oftentimes the most original names — or the ones with highest brand potential — don't perform well in market research because their intrinsic assets aren't obvious at this stage. A name's unusual letter-string could intrigue specialist physicians in Germany because they have never seen it before. Or a double consonant may be music to the ears of American patients.

Subtle, cross-linguistic visual and melodic 'naming genes' can be expressed as distinctive letters resonating tonalities, engaging rhythms, emphatic stress — and frequently, it is assets like these that can leverage powerful brand resonance with your target audiences.

Identifying and evaluating these crucial embedded nuances is what makes pharmaceutical naming both a science and an art. And what makes ixxéo so good at it.

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