The Art of Names

What do universal music and modern art have to do with the art of names?

As aficionados of jazz, blues and world music, we have always been amazed at the way disruptive chords improvised by musicians like Jimi Hendrix or Miles Davis can break our expectations for harmony and then remain etched so deeply in our souls.

As devotees of modern art, we have wondered for a long time about people's initial reactions when they first saw abstract paintings by artists like Wassily Kandinsky or Jackson Pollock.

'The more abstract is form, the more clear and direct its appeal.' Wassily Kandinsky

At ixxéo, intuitive analogies between abstract paintings and abstract names — and between universal music and universal brands — have formed and grown over the years.

In 'abstractness', perceptual impact is the common denominator. Both abstract paintings and names have little or no tangible content. But when artistically crafted, they can affect us in many ways, with sensations of emotional appeal that are free of contextual reference.

Name crafting at ixxéo is inspired by these timeless, universal and sensuous artistic movements.


The principles that underlie modern art and universal music have inspired our avant-garde approach to naming... They provide a human-centric, perceptual foundation for crafting original pharmaceutical names with global appeal.


We mix original morphological elements derived from roots and word patterns across languages, to generate vast and rich assortments of name families and variants. Then, we craft visual and melodic 'naming genes' and instill these subtle hooks into names — to resonate and engage in the marketplace.

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