At ixxéo, each naming project is custom-designed according to your distinctive parameters and built around our proprietary Name Engineering model.

We provide a comprehensive array of healthcare naming, branding and consulting services — to craft, assess, engineer and validate brand names, optimized for superior marketing appeal, with legal and regulatory viability.

Intelligence & Ideation Intelligence & ideation constitute the foundation for name creation and engineering. Intelligence: To set the stage, we conduct a broad and deep investigation of the medical and marketing arena to extract naming-relevant insights. To expand our exploration, we run 'lived experience' focus groups — to challenge and validate key enhancements for positioning, naming and brand building. Ideation: At the end, we look for ways to get off the beaten path, as we distill and design an original naming concept. Learn more

Creation & Engineering Creation & engineering constitute the centerpiece of our original and integrated approach. Creation: the art of names — brings upstream and downstream leverage with crossover inspirations and non-semantic naming patterns — both visual and verbal — interblended to enhance perceptual impact and universal appeal. Engineering: the science of naming — synchronizes all key naming processes in an adaptive system of smartly structured refinements, to optimize name viability. Learn more

Trademark Screens Trademark screens are early stage — close-to-virtual — searches to spot legal obstacles, anticipate regulatory conflicts, inform our Name Engineering process and, driven by effective eliminations, optimize your resources. Sophisticated algorithms with 360° scans are devised and deployed by paralegal professionals who understand the nuances of pharmaceutical name creation and evaluation. Learn more

Legal Searches Our legal searches are intensive, class 5 & 10, register-specific scrutinies, performed and validated by expert trademark attorneys. The service includes leading-edge legal search interpretations plus regulatory simulations with built-in obstacle-by-obstacle interpretations, to enhance the consistency between legal and regulatory assessments — and further inform our Name Engineering process. Learn more

Linguistic Evaluation Our linguistic and cultural oriented evaluations engage marketing and media-savvy experts in more than 50 countries around the world. Our evaluations emphasize the intrinsic attributes of universal names — visual and verbal roots and morphological letter patterns — with less reliance on semantics. The key is our ability to cross-validate local insights within the context of global relevance and detect embedded nuances that support brand building opportunities. Learn more

Market Research We subject each name candidate to a cutting-edge, multi-dimensional field scrutiny, based on extensive specialty services in marketing and name safety research. Our customized approach is supported by thorough data validation and comprehensive management summaries. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to uncover subtle audience-relevant nuances and to leverage latent brand potentials. Learn more

Regulatory Expertise Regulatory approval is the most demanding milestone in global pharmaceutical naming. Our proactive regulatory expertise drives a masterful study based on key metrics and synergistic perspectives, to support a favorable outlook for names submitted to the FDA, EMA, Health Canada, or MHLW. Our superior research implementation, rigorous interpretations and cogent support can make the difference between failure and success with these agencies. Learn more

Visual Identity Our visual identity service develops logo as a visual brand amplifier and package design as a product-brand connector, to form a visual signature that will leverage the power, potential and reach of your verbal brand, in the hearts and minds of your target audience. Our unique approaches to visual and verbal brand development are both built on crossover inspirations, process integration and artistic interactions. Learn more

Positioning Consulting Our positioning consulting service helps pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies develop early-stage target positioning concepts and statements — aligned with marketing strategy — to lay a subtle and solid foundation for naming and brand building. Because most new pharmaceutical products are not New Molecular Entities (NMEs), there is a need for original thinking and mappings, as well as ingenuity in workshop and process leadership: all part of the ixxéo expertise. Learn more

Brand Architecture Brand architecture is a strategic service that develops market-wise scenarios to leverage the dynamics of hierarchy and relationships among brands across your entire portfolio — to energize and grow its value. This service can also help manage product and franchise lifecycles, synergize family brand potential, generate competitive brand-building opportunities and guide future brand development. Learn more

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