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Our Inspiration – The Darwinian Connection


What happens when an adventurous engineer encounters the naturalist Darwin?
Over the years I was irresistibly drawn to explore the Galapagos Archipelago—Darwin’s natural laboratory—and pursue the question: “Is there really a connection between Darwin and naming?”

I spent two weeks there in 2007, tracking Darwin’s visionary principles and making observations in situ. Like pieces of a puzzle, a surprising picture finally emerged as a powerful, fascinating analogy between Darwin and naming took hold and grew beyond my imagination…fusing management consulting with evolutionary principles.

Multiple connections among birds and names and their respective environments emerged naturally. They gave rise to compelling analogies among evolutionary sciences and genetics, and the process of bringing names to life in the healthcare universe.

These analogies would establish a divergent direction and natural framework for our innovative name development model. A totally new direction that turns traditional naming on its head.
And in the analogies were strategies that would enable us to create universally powerful brand names—with the potential to survive and seduce in the pharmaceutical marketplace.

“Now, years later, I can confirm that our approach to pharmaceutical naming—while not rocket technology—is very much a science indeed.”