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We have discovered compelling analogies among the principles of evolutionary science and genetics and the process of bringing names to life in the healthcare universe. These analogies shape every aspect of our naming process in a way that is as natural as it is original.

Analogies Ixxéo's proprietary name engineering model draws numerous analogies between Darwinian principles and the naming paradigm. Perhaps these few will trigger your curiosity.

Evolutionary Principles
Naming Paradigm

Adapting Responses
The sciences of evolution and genetics are about life forms adapting to circumstance, chance and necessity in endless and surprising stories.
Pharmaceutical naming is an evolving scientific process about living names adapting to legal and regulatory constraints, and exploiting niches.
Interblending Traits
A living organism is more than the blend of its two parents. It is the composite result of many distinctive individual traits, passed down over generations.
A newly created name is more than a mix of semantic roots. It is the composite result of many sonic and visual traits, expressed in alphabet letters.
A genetically diverse species with many variants will show a wide range of fitness traits. As conditions change, specific traits become crucial for survival.
We craft a rich reservoir of name variants with distinctive patterns, to increase viability. We select names best suited to an ever changing market.
Engineering Diversity
Harvard geneticists found that by changing a single letter in a single gene, they could cause color differences in the fur of beach and land mice.
Our name engineers know that by substituting a key letter or changing a letter sequence in a name, we can make it look, sound, or feel so different.
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